The Best Facebook Advertising Agencies (2021) – With the Most ROI

Facebook is one of the most advanced social media advertising networks, (followers on facebook) but it is also an essential part of many brands’ social media strategies. If you are brand new to Facebook, getting organic reach is almost impossible. Although Facebook ads can be difficult to set up, targeting specific audiences with precision is possible. Many companies find it easier to get professional help when advertising on Facebook.Click Here

Sometimes, it is a good idea to let Facebook’s specialist ad agency handle all your advertising worries. Some agencies have a narrow focus and are focused on social media marketing. Others are broad-based and include social media advertising (on Facebook or elsewhere) to their extensive list of advertised activities.

This article will list the top Facebook Advertising Agencies with the highest ROI. It’s worth a look.

  1. Marketing 360
  2. Iron Roots
  3. socially
  4. Lyfe Marketing
  5. music
  6. Bamboo
  7. Loud Mouth Media
  8. Rainmakers

Marketing 360

A digital marketing agency that provides full service with a strong emphasis on its marketing platform.

This team specializes in social media management. They cover Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as Pinterest, Google My Business (Houzz), YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business (Google My Business). They also fully manage your Facebook advertising using their Social Targeting Ads Platform.

From one platform, you can manage all your Facebook ads. This includes web management, email marketing, and customer relationship marketing (CRM). A dedicated marketing executive can manage your Facebook advertising. All the results can be viewed on the platform.

Marketing 360 employs an in-house team that can create multiple versions of your ads for testing with different audience segments. The platform then uses an algorithm to determine which ads are more successful and which are not.

Iron Roots

This agency offers full-service paid advertising and specializes in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Snapchat, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and Google. Iron Roots provides full campaign strategy, creativity, targeting, and ongoing optimization. They can assist with customer acquisition, using in-house technology for testing at scale. This allows them to achieve unmatched CPA results for App installations, eCommerce sales, brand awareness, and other metrics.

Based in Austin, the company’s team includes copywriters, designers, and dedicated project managers who will help your brand. A team of experts will guide your company with a multi-channel communication approach and full-service approach.Read more


Social media-first agency. This agency helps clients increase and control their social media engagements through strategy, content production, and community management. They work with brands from many industries. Some of their clients include Dick’s Sporting Goods and Beef O’ Brady’s Tri-State Lumber Co. Their website explains that testing, measurements, and optimization support their strategy to achieve the best results.

Lyfe Marketing

Social media marketing and management agency offering search engine services, website design, and social media services. They can assist with creating and managing high-performing social media campaigns. Lyfe Marketing can help your business increase brand awareness, relationship building, and website traffic by working with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They believe Facebook is the most used social media platform, where your customers go for images, reviews, and advice before finding to get followers on facebook free

When consumers are looking for new products or services, cool-looking Facebook pages are crucial. This will make your business stand out amongst the 50 million other Facebook pages. Your page should be flooded with high-quality content, customer engagement, and positive reviews. Customers will remember your business as the best when they make their purchase decisions. Lyfe Marketing can manage your Facebook page for you, allowing you to concentrate on the other areas of your business that require your attention.

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Brands will benefit from this full-funnel agency’s creativity and targeted media buying. The data-driven analysis will lead to growth.

They specialize in Instagram advertising and Facebook. Additionally, they have a dedicated studio for video and a team of graphic designers to assist you. This is the place to go if you are looking for visually stunning Facebook ads. MuteSix charges a 15% commission on your Facebook Advertising spend. The service also includes ad production and optimization as well as performance reports. Music also offers landing page design services. Multiple ads, as well as A/B testing on different audiences, will give you the best results.


Full-service growth agency serves clients in the direct-to-consumer, mobile, subscriptions, and marketplaces. They offer three types of services: managed services, creative and strategy services. Facebook advertising is one of the “managed services” categories.

Bamboo adheres to mobile-first principles and targets Facebook ads for mobile users. You can rely on them to help you design a mobile-first campaign. They offer creative production and management as well as customized reporting. Most companies on this list optimize Facebook ads and focus their attention on the ads that produce the best results. Bamboo is the core of growth marketers. They use an agile framework to drive compounding improvement over time.buying followers on facebook

Loud Mouth Media

Although they don’t claim to be a full-service agency, these guys offer the right solutions for helping brands stand out and grow. They are focused on Facebook advertising and conversion rate optimization. They are known for their strategic goals, which help brands increase awareness, traffic, leads, and sales. They offer advertising services for Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allowing a more holistic approach to using social media for growth.


Facebook advertising has no rules. These guys know the importance of testing. To determine if your ads are effective with your target audience, you must test them. Regular testing is the only way to determine if your ad needs to be improved. This includes changing your copy and visuals. You can also change your Calls to Action by using different color buttons. Rainmakers are committed to maximizing the ROI of their client’s campaigns. Rainmakers have been managing Facebook campaigns for 15 years, helping clients to gain brand awareness and valuable word-of-mouth recognition.

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