Reasons and Pitfalls of Using External Hard Drives for Websites

A website hosted by a dedicated hosting service will never struggle with performance and storage issues, but there are certain websites that demand higher storage spaces. These websites have two options; one is to go for a better hosting service second is to buy an external storage device or pay for in-house storage facilities.

Website owners opting for the second option succeed in gaining some benefits in terms of website performance and increased storage spaces. But it is also true that these websites face negligible damages that destroy websites. These disadvantages are the reasons why people prefer the storage facilities provided by the hosting service instead of in-house storage.

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with the reasons and drawbacks of using external hard drives or secondary storage for your website.

Top 3 reasons you need external drives for websites

Offsite backups are some old means of storing your website data, and there are certain websites that still rely on such storage means. It is because of the advantages and benefits these in-house storage facilities provide. But these benefits are in no way near the benefits provided by a reliable, dedicated host.

Below are a few common reasons why people prefer opting for an external hard drive for their website.

1. Increase storage space

The need for increased storage space increases with the growth of the website and with the increase in website resources. To fulfill these storage needs people opt for buying secondary drives despite paying for a host. These are usually not ideal solutions to fulfill the storage needs because the storage needs are endless. Opting for a hosting service that gives you enough resources and space even when your website grows is better. For many website owners, the UAE hosting services are ideal to ensure they get better services and storage space for their websites without paying extra.

2. Improve website performance

Your website may take too much time to load or respond to user queries due to performance issues. These performance issues occur when the hosting server is too busy or does not have enough space. These performance issues may also occur due to the location of your hosting server, which results in delays in responses. People with the intention to improve the website performance opt for internal and secondary storage space, which works in some situations but not all the time.

3. Increase accessibility and control

With storage options like the cloud and the ones offered by the hosting service, you always have to follow certain protocols and steps to access the data. On the contrary, when you have in-house storage facilities, the data control, and access are always higher. People that want to get uninterrupted data access even when there is an internet or connectivity outage prefer secondary storage options. But you can still enjoy these benefits with a hosting service if you opt for the right one.

Top 3 Pitfalls of using secondary drives for websites

You may be able to enjoy extra storage space and control benefits with a secondary drive, but these benefits are not long-lasting. There are certain issues that always weigh higher than the benefits these external storage devices provide.

Following are enlisted a few drawbacks of using external storage resources like hard drives and secondary drives.

1.  Hard drive crashes

One of the biggest pitfalls of using external hard drives to fulfill website storage needs is that they can crash or break at any time. These hard drive crashes are one of the reasons you may lose your important website data, leaving you with no option to recover it. These drive breakages and crashes are the reasons why people prefer opting for a host that ensures a huge storage space or cloud storage facilities.

2. Theft issues

People, instead of opting for cloud storage facilities, prefer external hard drives and USB devices due to security issues. But little do they know the security of your drives is more at risk than the cloud storage facilities or spaces. The misplacement of these drives is one issue; on the contrary, theft issues are also the biggest reasons for not getting to see your important website data again.

3. No password protection

With secondary drives, there is no concept of password protection to define access authorities and control of your website data. Whereas the storage provided by the hosting service is always password protected, and the access authorities are defined. With such facilities lacking in hard drives, the chances of data breaches are higher compared to storage spaces offered by the hosting service. So, make sure to hire the UAE hosting services if you want to enjoy enough storage spaces that too with higher data and website security affordably.

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Final thoughts!

If you want to fulfill the storage needs of your website, then it is poor practice to opt for buying external storage devices. Make sure you are opting for reliable hosting services that will help you meet all the website storage needs without compromising on security at affordable prices