What are a Few of The Main Problems Faced by Corporations While Implementing ERP Software in Pune?

Implementing effective ERP software in Pune is an excellent way of bringing together all the key processes in any business. In case all the processes in a business are well connected with each other, the company will get the required boost to optimize its operations. Let us look at the different ways that ERP software in Pune is able to enhance your business –

  • Through effectively integrated systems, the business is able to get proper access to the data insights that help in improving its decision-making capabilities. There will also be an upgrade in the performance of the business functions over a period of time.
  • As a result of the interconnection of all the processes as well as data, there is more visibility in the company. There is also an increase in the flexibility of the employees of the organization to enable them to deliver value across the various functions of the business.
  • Most of the ERP software in Pune are developed in a way that they can be modified as per the necessities of the business which will enable them to be ready for any kind of disruption in the operations or changes in the market.

Some of the key issues faced by companies while implementing ERP software in Pune

Implementing ERP software in Pune will have an effect on the business and normally involves a lot of cost, time, and effort.  Thus, there are some problems that can be encountered by corporations during the implementation of this system. Let us take a look at them.

  • Awareness of the processes that should be integrated – Determining which of the ongoing processes will actually benefit from the implementation of ERP software in Pune and also which processes would disturb the workflow. 
  • Not enough flexibility – An ERP software in Pune has to have enough flexibility for accommodating the business processes or else they have to be altered to match the ERP software. A lot of time as well as resources will be wasted in reorganizing the processes to suit the system.
  • The team may not agree with modifications – The team might have a problem adjusting to the new system as they have become comfortable with the existing processes.
  • Maintenance expenses – ERP software in Pune needs to be maintained regularly and this will involve a lot of expenses.
  • Not grasping the ERP – Another issue with the implementation of ERP software in Pune is that users might not be aware of the current features of the ERP software. 

ERP modules

ERP systems include a variety of modules that will address the particular requirements of the business. Each ERP module will take information from a specific area of business and then push it into a centralized database. This enables the assessment of the status of different business areas. The basic ERP modules are Finance and Accounting, Manufacturing, Order Management, Procurement, Supply Chain and Human Capital Management, CRM, Inventory Management, etc. Each of these modules has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of organizations. Each ERP module will ensure there is proper data centralization on a single platform to help the employees conclude their tasks easily.

Typical ERP modules tend to support the backend as well as front office functions. The modules of ERP enable meeting the changing requirements of a business and is a major reason why this software has become globally successful. An organization will be able to purchase only the modules that are relevant to its business model, and operations as well as any key challenges. It will then add ERP modules for addressing any new needs or issues as the organization grows. Modular ERP software helps a company add functionalities while keeping its foundation in place. There is no requirement for implementing a new ERP system as and when the needs of a company change, which can be a very lengthy process.  Each ERP module offers the data and supports the processes that will help employees do their jobs effectively.


Implementation of effective ERP software in Pune has become a crucial tool for the growth of a business. An ERP system will automate the key business processes and will function as a shared database for all the financial as well as operational information from across the organization. It will get this data from a variety of modules that are built to help different departments, from accounts, and supply chain to human resources to perform their functions.