5 Unexpected & Epic Gift Ideas For Boys

Do you remember how you felt on Christmas Eve as a kid? Or the day before your birthday? As kids, we are super excited to be receiving a present.

Awesome gifts create memories for a lifetime. The more epic the gift, the better the memory. In fact, I still remember many of my childhood presents. I remember my first bike, my first gaming console and many other weird and wacky gifts that fascinated my young mind.

A few that come to mind are a remote control helicopter (thanks Dad!), an indoor football (thanks Grandpa and sorry Mum), and a super-soaker water pistol.

These epic gifts had a real impact on my childhood. They were used when I was bonding with my family or had friends around. They?re in home movies. The memories they created are in picture frames.

You know about all the typical gift ideas. Bikes. An X-Box. An iPad. So to help you create your own unique and awesome memories, we?ve assembled the top five unexpected and epic presents your boys. Forget socks, pens, and a new lunchbox, these epic gifts are what he really wants.

1. One Word: Drone

That?s right. When we said epic, we meant epic. What?s more unexpected and epic than a drone?

Gifting a boy a drone is guaranteed to create some epic memories ? and best of all, a camera drone can be there to capture those memories!

This idea is so good you may not want to read the rest of the list. So here?s some more info on how to buy a drone. However, we have some more ideas you won?t be expecting, so keep reading.

2. A New Trendy Pair Of Jeans & A Fresh Tee

?Jeans? Really? I thought this list was meant to be epic presents.?

I hear you. But give me a moment to explain. As boys grow up they begin to care about gaming. But there?s another ?g? word they begin to care about. That?s right. Girls.

They?ll try to tell you they?re not interested in girls. They?ll try to tell themselves that. But they are.

Fashion is important to girls. They put a lot of time and effort into what they wear. And they care what boys are wearing too. But more often than not, boys won?t think twice about their clothes. Some would wear pajamas to school if they could.

So by buying them some fashionable jeans and a fresh tee you?ll be making them more attractive to girls. This will help them build their confidence and social skills. Not that?s an epic gift.

3. A Gun Alarm Clock

They wake up with an alarm blaring. Should they reach across and turn it off like a 40-year-old accountant who?s late for work? Hell no. They?re young boys. They should be having fun.

To turn off this alarm clock, boys need to aim and shoot at the right spot on the alarm clock. This task is not only fun, it?ll wake them up.

This gift is great for boys. They love it. But what makes it epic is that it?s also a gift for you. Instead of having to go and wake them yourself, a tough task, they?ll be up and ready to go thanks to the gun alarm clock. What more could you want from a gift for boys?

4. A Trip To Disneyland

What?s more epic and memorable than Disneyland? Boys may expect an X-Box, but they wouldn?t dare dream that they could be off to Disneyland.

It?s the stuff childhood dreams are made of. It?s a must do trip for kids, so make it part of their birthday or Christmas to make it even more memorable.

You?re guaranteed to come home with some incredible memories, and some hilarious pictures of you on scary rides.

5. Go Hard With A GoPro

Boys won?t be expecting this gift. They?ll be expecting a skateboard or bike jump. Trust me, this is better. A GoPro allows them to capture footage of their skate tricks and bike jumps ? making those activities way more fun.

Were you surprised by these gifts? We hope so. Do you think they?re epic? We know so. So pick your favorite and go and make your boys Christmas or birthday epic. And don?t forget to capture those awesome childhood memories you?re making!