How to Sign a PDF Document with an Electronic Signature

Do you wish to safely and securely add an electronic signature in pdf? No matter what document, PDF contract, or agreement requires a signature, adding an electronic signature to a PDF without leaving the application is simple. Customers do not need to register a We Signature account to sign PDFs that you provide them for signature. Your envelope’s receiver only needs to open the email, click on the document’s link, and sign it. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about signing a PDF document.

Including an electronic signature in a PDF document

To sign a PDF document, first you must create an electronic signature on Your We Signature account. If you don’t yet have an We Signature account, feel free to join to get the trial for free. If you want to sign it, you have two options:

  • Select an electronic signature from the gallery We Signature gallery
  • Create an electronic signature using your mouse or on a touchscreen device
  • Upload your signature, handwritten or not, to use for an electronic signature

Learn how to make your own digital signature. Do not worry about it, because your electronic signature does not have to be exactly the identical to your wet-ink signature. Any symbol or squiggle can be recognized by the court of law as a sign of your intention to sign.

If you’re sending a PDF you should use an electronic signature:

When you’ve completed your electronic signature, Then, in a matter of seconds, you can electronically sign and mail your document to the recipient:

Step 1: Sign in to your We Signature account or register for a free trial offer.

Step 2: Upload the PDF file that has to be signed online.

Step 3: Drag the signature fields to the appropriate location on the PDF file, where they will be signed by the person.

Step 4: Sign the document, then click the Finish button to have it emailed to you with your digital signature.

How to electronically sign a PDF online that you receive 

If you receive a PDF, follow these steps to add a signature to the PDF document online:

Step 1: Sign up for a free trial at We Signature, and log in

Step 2: Select ?New?, then click sign a document, and then upload the PDF you need to sign

Step 3: Select sign, and then drag your electronic signature from the left pane into the PDF

Step 4: Send the signed document back to the sender

Do you think the addition of an electronic signature to an online PDF secure?

It’s true that digital signatures can be secure and it’s safe to add electronic signatures to any PDF. When you sign a PDF with the use of an electronically signed signature PDF, it receives encrypted information which can only be opened by those with the appropriate authorisation. Furthermore, since it cannot be edited it is more secure and the chance of being a victim of fraud is reduced. It also has a transparent audit trail that allows information to be reviewed later in the event of a need.

Why should you add an electronic signature using We Signature?

We Signature allows you to sign an existing PDF, while maintaining the security of the document. Signing documents using We Signature’s electronic signature is quicker, more secure and more easily accessible than traditional signatures made with the use of a pen and paper. Signatures that are electronically signed are legally binding as well as in many nations around the globe.

It’s as easy as that. There is no need to print, scan mailers, or wait around for your documents to get exchanged back and forward. You can now navigate effortlessly with electronically signed PDFs. Register online for a no-cost 30-day trial for free for electronic document signing software to experience the software yourself.