What is a Commercial Electrician & What Do They Do

Electrical installations are highly sensitive. Nearly 90 % of fire hazards worldwide have been related to improper electrical installations, including low-quality wiring. Moreover, electrical fires are considerably more difficult than other types of fires. Electrical failures can also result in other hazards.

For instance, if your emergency lights and fire alarm system are not working properly, it can become extremely difficult to evacuate a building in case of a hazard. Electrical failures can also result in the loss of valuable assets and, most importantly, the loss of lives. Therefore, ensuring a safe environment for people that your electrical installations are in immaculate condition is imperative.

It becomes even more important for commercial properties and businesses to ensure electrical safety because of the size of the property and the high human traffic. So how do you ensure that your electrical installations are safe?

Difference of expertise

Commercial electricians London may be able to provide domestic services, but the same cannot be said about domestic electricians. Although while earning their qualification, they would have gone through the same education and training but experience matters a lot.

Commercial electricians have spent considerable time dealing with various commercial installations. The same level of skills cannot be expected from a domestic electrician who has not even stepped inside a commercial property. Trained electricians are more suited to household jobs and maintaining electrical installations of residential properties.

The difference in project size

Domestic electricians are more tuned to provide electrical services to households. No matter how large a house may be, the basic electrical installations and problems will be somewhat the same.

However, in the case of commercial properties such as multi-storey buildings, housing complexes, hospitals, schools, and universities, the scale of work is much larger and more complicated. These properties must be checked almost daily for any potential issues that might be life-threatening or hamper the everyday business of the property.

A hospital cannot afford a problem with its fuse boxes, and a hotel cannot afford a power breakdown. Commercial electricians ensure that everything is running smoothly, and they make sure that faulty parts are replaced right away.

On-site availability

Many commercial properties, especially those which are considerably large or which face regular traffic or occupancy of people, need commercial electricians who are available on the site twenty-four seven.

These businesses or public installations usually hire permanent or contractual commercial electricians so that their electrical installations can be monitored regularly and repaired immediately if necessary. On the other hand, domestic electricians are available only on call, too subject to availability.

Regulations and inspections

The best industrial practices and standards demand that only a commercially trained electrician should serve a commercial property. Commercial properties must comply with the “Landlord and Tenant act”, which makes it obligatory for landowners to ensure the safety of all tenants. Businesses also have to ensure that their employees are safe from all hazards.

In the case of a tragedy, if it is found that it was a result of negligence on the part of the landlord/business owner, it can result in lawsuits, imprisonment, and financial penalties. To ensure compliance with laws and the standards set forth by BS 7671 ( British standards), commercial properties must only hire certified and licensed electricians authorized to carry out wiring inspections and provide Electrical Rewiring Services.

Tools & Equipment

Commercial electricians are typically more equipped than domestic electricians, and they have the latest tools & equipment when it comes to providing services as well as ensuring safety. Domestic electricians have equipment more suited to delivering small-scale services and minor repairs.

Commercial Electrician Services

A qualified and experienced commercial electrician or company should be able to provide you with the following electrical services:

  • Complete wiring and electrical installations for new builds
  • A thorough inspection of wiring and electrical installations for existing properties
  • Complete rewiring and replacement of all faulty installations.
  • 24/ 7 emergency services
  • Replacement/upgradation of fuse boxes
  • Installation/replacement/repair of emergency lighting and fire alarm systems.
  • Identification of potential electrical failures and threats
  • Regular monitoring of electrical installations
  • Installation of electrical appliances such as air conditioners and refrigeration systems.
  • PAT Testing
  • A commercial electrician company should be able to provide you with comprehensive services.