11 Reasons why US has the Best Education System

You know how some things cannot be perfect. Education surely is one of them. No matter how much the government or educators try, the public education system cannot be flawless. But amid all the flaws, a few education systems can be set as an example for the rest of the world.

The education system of the USA is one of them. For several years now, USA’s education system has been followed by the rest of the world, and many countries are trying to adopt the same.

Education in the USA is more than you see in the movies and web series. There is way more to it than those polished classrooms, enormous canteens, and fun classroom activities.

On that note, let’s get into further details.

Why is Education in USA Ranked the Best?

Below mentioned are 11 points that prove why education in the USA is valued globally. It is important to mention that these 11 points are an integral part of their education system.

  1. Specially abled children are prioritized –

If you look around the globe, most countries have special schools for specially-abled children, but the numbers are very low. If we dig deep into the data, we can see that not necessarily every major town in other counties has special schools, unlike the USA. Of course, the situation is changing, and all the other countries are trying their best to accommodate specially-abled children in their education system. But one cannot ignore the fact that the USA has been an inspiration in the same. Data shows about 7.2 million students in the USA attend special schools, which constitutes up to 15% of the all-public school students in the USA.

  1. Technical skills are a constant part of the curriculum –

Computers and technology are ruling the entire world. At such a time, it is very important that students remain well aware of up-to-date technologies. Education in the USA prioritizes the technical education of the students. Not just making them aware of MS Word, Excel, and similar applications, but they also pay equal stress on more complicated skills like graphics and coding that too from a very young age. They have all the necessary set-up within the institutes to support this type of education.

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  1. Vocational training has a similar respect –

Very few countries give equal status to mainstream degrees and vocational Training. Even the job prospects a candidate with a mainstream degree and that of one with a vocational training certificate are not always the same. Instead, the opportunities for the latter are often fewer. But that isn’t the case in the USA.

The USA equally treats both mainstream degrees and vocational Training. The Job prospects might be different but in no way is one less than the other. This is very helpful for the kids. A lot of students in the USA, due to whatever reason, opt for vocational training courses, and they need not worry about getting a job.

  1. Too many expanded services –

Educational institutes in the USA are not just restricted to taking 40 minutes classes on specific subjects and encouraging students to have a satisfying career. They are greater than that. In a way, you can say that schools, colleges the educators are the package of solutions for every student. Be it counselling them out of trauma, introducing them to sex education, or helping them with a crisis situation at home, the teachers can deal with everything. The USA-based educators say that there might not be any need to do these expanded services, but somebody has to do it, and for the kids, nobody can do it better than the teachers. The best part is that teachers are trained accordingly so that they can deal with such situations.

  1. Extended Guidance –

You will often see students pursuing offbeat careers like sports or fine arts, seeking guidance from their coaches and mentors. In the USA this guidance is available for all irrespective of their subject. The best part is that teachers guide the students as per their individual calibre. Also, unlike in other nations, the teachers in the USA are instructed to give personalized guidance to each of their students whether or not they ask for it. Hence this comes under their job responsibility.

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  1. The anti-bullying committee is strict –

Though movies often show that bullying is a major issue, the reality is a little different. Of course, in real life as well students in the USA get bullied, but only until the issue comes to the notice of the concerned authorities. The USA is one country that has been trying its best to beat bullying by coming up with innovative measures for the same.

  1. Individual attention –

Every student has different learning capabilities, so they seek individual attention from educators to satisfy their needs completely. Most of the time, it seems nearly impossible for educators to give special attention to the students. But the education system in the USA has the provision for educators to give this special attention to the students on extra hours after class. Students in the USA are used to this type of learning, which alone impacts their scores greatly. They do not have to seek assistance from various tutors on a single subject. Rather they can rely on one source and thus avid confusion.

  1. Pays equal attention to all subjects –

If you see closely you will see that till a point in time not every subject was equally accepted worldwide. May be lack of knowledge on the same was a reason for it. Some subjects like modern history and anthropology were foreign to many countries but not to the USA. The USA has equal respect and scope for all subjects. And truly, the picture has remained the same for years now. So many institutes with various courses make the USA one of the most preferred destinations for international students.

  1. Institutes project cultural diversity –

Students frequently comment that their classes and dormitories are full of students of every nationality, religion, or ethnicity and that having access to and contact with so many cultural backgrounds enhance the experience. This is one of the main strengthening pillars of the higher educational institutes in the country.

  1. Flexible academic environment –

The constantly evolving and developing education process, along with the flexible methods of teaching, creates a more or less perfect learning ambiance for students. The USA based institutions purposefully modify their classroom structures and instruction methods based on learners’ abilities, interests, and goals to make learning enjoyable and relevant to their own area.

  1. Vibrant Campus Life –

Only good educators and good books do not contribute to the better learning of students. This is especially true for elder kids – college or university-level kids. Campus life often has a lot to contribute to the same, and the USA is known for its extravagant campus life. The campus life provided by the USA’s universities keeps students engaged in some way or another. This actually leads to an all-around education among the students.

Parting Thoughts –

Stats and data are combined with a wide, problem-solving curriculum that includes cooperation, trial-and-error approaches, and risk-taking in American education. It also exposes them to a world of opportunity, not just in the United States. So, when you you’re your kids to American schools, you can be sure that they will pass out with subjective knowledge and radiate confidence that this fierce rat race calls for.

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