Is the drug rehab center in Mumbai effective?

Drug addiction is a condition characterized by repeated intake or administration of drugs. You are physically or mentally dependent on these substances. These drugs can be illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, or prescription drugs. Regardless of the type of addiction you develop. Continued substance abuse can become a severe problem and can lead to a series of long-term problems. Treatment by a specialist in Drug Rehab Centre in Mumbai can help you regain control of your life.

When will you need the drug addiction help?

There are many symptoms of drug addiction. This may vary from person to person. These may vary depending on:

  • Type of medication you are taking
  • How you use the drug
  • The amount of medicine you take
  • How often do you use the drug

However, here are some common signs that you are struggling with addiction and may require professional help:

  • Building drug tolerance: It means you have to use more of this to get the ‘high’ you want.
  • Putting too much time and money into acquiring and using drugs.
  • Be dishonest or lie to loved ones about your medication.
  • Severe cravings for medicine affect your mood and concentration.
  • Drug abuse and ‘self-healing’ and dealing with pre-existing mental health problems or difficult emotions.
  • Continued drug abuse despite negative effects on personal life, home, work or society.
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking it or are unable to take it.
  • The generic type of medication

What are the benefits of a residential drug rehab centre?

Inpatient drug treatment is when you stay at a specialized residential addiction treatment centre. During this time, you will benefit from individual and group therapy to identify sources and encourage addictive behaviours. In addition, they can offer a wide range of tried and tested treatment techniques to aid your recovery.?

They also recognize that maintaining mental, physical, and spiritual health is critical to rehabilitating addiction. That’s why they offer a wide range of wellness activities while you are with us. It includes things like yoga, meditation, and exercise groups. Twenty-eight days is the recommended treatment time for all forms of addiction. However, the duration of addiction treatment you receive at Priory can be flexible according to your needs and obligations. They will be happy to discuss the duration of alternative medicine with you during your free addiction assessment.

What are the benefits of outpatient drug rehab?

In addition to comprehensive inpatient treatment, they can also provide outpatient addiction treatment or daycare and it depends on your individual needs and desires. Outpatient treatment is when you attend weekly rehab at Drug Rehab Centre in Mumbai. It involves you attending a prescribed number of full or half-day addiction therapy sessions per week.

These treatment options can be used as a starting point for drug addiction treatment, or they can be used as a step to reduce the intensity of treatment for individuals who have already been admitted to a residential facility. The 12-step philosophy offers guiding principles for addiction treatment and recovery pathways.