Pink donut boxes and the reason behind this specific coloring scheme

Unquestionably, donuts rule the heart of every person with good taste. It won’t be wrong to state that donuts have become every event’s diva. All eyes are upon these amusing rings, who own a place irreplaceable!

Apart from their taste and shape, another amusing thing about donuts is their pink donut boxes. When an eye sees these vibrant boxes, it straight off captures the heart. However, an interesting fact about pink donut boxes, which, sadly, not many people know about!

Pink donut boxes-A story, a theory!

The pink donut boxes have a great historical significance behind them. In other words, the emotions of Cambodian refugees are attached to them. One of these refugees was a passionate one, striving for a living, Ted Ngoy, who started a chain of his own donuts shops.

Since the Cambodian refugees were the survivors of a major genocide, they had little to no money. Ngoy had to make a way to present the donuts in the market. The regular white boxes were expensive for Ngoy to get his hands upon. A solution was supposed to be found; a path was yet to be paved!

Anyhow, the perfect solution was soon discovered by Ngoy, the classic pink donut boxes. The pink donut boxes were less expensive and affordable. They truly were a steal deal, and with their cute aura, they were the ideal fit for the donuts!

As time passed and the refugees started to settle themselves, Ngoy became a well-known name among them. He gained popularity through his delicacies, a moment for the Cambodian refugees to be extremely proud of and continue the legacy!

Since the 1970s till date, the pink donut boxes have reserved a class and a place in everyone’s heart.

It is no secret that the sentiments, history, and the whole story of the Cambodian refugees are attached to and lie in the pink donut boxes!

Why pink?

Besides the pink donut boxes being pocket-friendly, have you ever thought about why these boxes gained more recognition and love from the people than other boxes?

Its softness, sweetness, and homeliness set this charming pink color apart. Psychologically, the pink color symbolizes calm, contentment, and casualness. Now, if we relate this color to donuts, there isn’t much difference because that is what donuts make humans feel like-absolute joy and smiles!

The energy and aura of this beautiful pink were translated on the donut boxes. Thus, people could connect and find warmth and affection in the pink donut boxes.

Time and again, it is mentioned by people that pink makes them feel validated and accepted. As far as the Cambodian refugees are concerned, that is exactly what the States did for them-provided them with the welcoming feeling they longed for!

The refugees could find a sense of similarity and freshness in the pink. The fresh start they wanted for their lives was led through their journey with the pink donut boxes. It amazes us to think how beautifully finding the pink donut boxes coincidentally that fit within their budget was perfectly fitting to the life story of Cambodian refugees as well!

The idea of enhancing the pink donut boxes!

All donut shops have the same pink donut boxes. Although the historical importance and emotions attached to them cannot be denied, enhancing the pink donut boxes is the need of the hour now!

In a progressive and rapidly evolving world, everyone manifests change and success for them. Especially in a competitive market, understanding the true sense of striving toward your dream is what matters. With every passing day, the competition keeps getting tough. Brands are willing to work on anything for the sake of their goodwill.

Packaging has always been beneficial from several perspectives. Packaging is a brand’s face and identity. It brings brand new fame, leading to an era for them to cherish!

Since donut shops had the same pink donut boxes, a change was anticipated. Every shop has its own donuts, and every shop has its own taste. Hence, they wanted to have packaging different from one another too.

Working towards change!

However, there were a few reasons why it took a long time for these donut shops to start working for a change:

  • The shop owners were conscious and fearful that they might end up hurting the sentiments of the people attached to the pink donut boxes.
  • The pink donut boxes were a legacy kept forward. Hence, these shop owners thought a change would stop the legacy from continuing.
  • The bagel boxes were no more ordinary when such great history was linked. The Cambodians were not willing to let a change forget their history.

Customization indeed helps you to transform your packaging. However, enhancements can be done to the pink donut boxes without changing the entire outlook!

Here’s how:

Customization offers features that help will help you enhance your boxes without doing too many modifications to the pink donut boxes!

For instance, a die-cut window can be of great benefit. It will do the work of a window, helping the buyers to look through the box. Moreover, a PVC sheet layers the die-cut window.

Furthermore, imprinting your shop’s logo on your pink donut boxes will be an optimistic step. For that purpose, foiling is what you need. You can also choose the foil color. Moreover, embossing/debossing your logo will make the logo highly attractive and will let your pink donut boxes stand out!

Wholesale purchases:

  • The reason why Ngoy purchased the pink donut boxes in his time was them being affordable. Hence, donut shops can also do the need full in today’s world!
  • With donut boxes wholesale, you get maximum donut boxes within a certain affordable range.
  • Thus, the legacy of facilitating within a limited budget will continue through donut boxes wholesale!