How Can You Fix Database Corruption in the SQL Server?

If you?re using the MS SQL server for the first time, you might not know how to fix the database corruption. Apart from that, most users also don?t know why the MS SQL server database corruption occurs and which methods will be able to help them. Remember that you will store the valuable data items and sensitive information in the SQL server. Therefore, when the database is corrupted, you won?t be able to access the data items. 

But repairing the corrupted MS SQL server database is possible. Make sure you continue reading the article if you want to know more. 

What Do You Need to Check When the MS SQL Server Database Corrupts?

Even though there aren?t too many potential things you need to look for, make sure you check some essential things whenever SQL server database corruption takes place. MS SQL is known as the relational database management system of MS SQL. The SQL server is one of the most popular database management systems in the world and it?s capable of managing and storing data items and information. 

When the database of the SQL server is corrupted, it will undoubtedly become a nightmare. Additionally, in terms of storing the essential pieces of information in MS SQL, there are two primary things you need to worry about: making the specific data items available to the authorized person and blocking access of the unauthorized person from accessing the data. 

Check the Location of MS SQL Server Database Corruption

Despite the MS SQL version you?re using, remember that all the versions of the SQL server store the database in one specific file format. Here is the list that you need to know:

  • MDF File: This is the primary data file. The MDF data file is also known as the master database file. You need to use the .mdf file extension if you want to create the MDF files. Remember that the MDF files contain schema with data. 
  • NDF File: This is the secondary data file. This type of data file is optional as well as user-defined. This means that it can expand the size of the database. You can store various NDF files in a single database. 
  • LDF File: This is known as a log data file. As per Techopedia, a log file is important.

How the SQL Server Database Becomes Prone to Corruption?

Various reasons might affect the MS SQL server database. However, most of the time, the corruption in the SQL server database occurs due to issues regarding the I/O subsystem level such as failure of physical drives as well as controllers. When the drives start malfunctioning, the SQL server database will end up becoming corrupted. Apart from that, there are some other root causes of the MS SQL server database corruption that is dependent on the situation you?re facing. Here are other reasons you should know about:

  • Failure of hardware 
  • Malware or virus injection into the system 
  • Misbehaves with the SQL server database 
  • Interruption of the SQL MDF file while attaching and detaching. 

How Should You Respond to the SQL Server Database Corruption?

Whenever users face corruption in the SQL Server database, they need to implement some strategic steps that will help them prevent the data items from being damaged permanently. This way they will also be able to reduce the downtime. Remember that the corruption on the SQL server database is different and it?s dependent on the specific situation. Here are some examples you need to keep in mind:

  • SQL Page-Level Corruption: The corruption in the SQL server database might affect the data items that are stored within the server. Make sure you protect the data items at any cost as they are extremely important. 
  • Corruption in the Key Pages: You might?ve noticed pages in the SQL server that are similar to the header file. Users will be able to know the location of the data items using these. These types of corruption are extremely fatal. 
  • Index Corruption: With the help of the indexes, you will be able to access the SQL server database within the table easily. You can also witness corruption in the index or the other available structures. 

Professional Method to Solve SQL Server Database Corruption 

One of the best ways to solve SQL server database corruption is by using a professional third-party SQL recovery tool. If you want to repair the corrupted database of the SQL server, make sure you use the DataNumen SQL recovery tool. With the help of this too, you will undoubtedly be able to solve the problem effectively. You will be able to remove all the possible SQL server database corruption without affecting the original data items. You can also use this SQL recovery tool that can help you export the repaired data items as per the SQL server environment. 


These are effective ways to fix SQL server database corruption. What are your thoughts? Make sure you share your opinion in the comment box below.?