Top 3 trendy techniques how to design custom rigid boxes

There are a variety of potential hazards when your products are placed on a shelf. The product may break if it falls to the floor. Products can be damaged or ruined by sudden changes in temperature. Customers can also tamper with the products if they want to check them before making a purchase.

All of these dangers can be avoided by using rigid boxes for your packaging. The most environmentally friendly product boxes are custom rigid boxes. Regardless of how your items are exhibited or shipped, they will remain pristine. Nothing can damage your items if they’re kept in custom rigid boxes.

Also, to give your products a premium appearance, rigid packaging is the way to go. The strong substance used to construct these paper-based boxes ensures they will provide optimum protection and strength. These boxes are your best bet when packing away heavier items such as perfumes and cosmetics.

Customize them to the best ability. Add embellishments like a foil-stamped pattern, an embossed logo, etc. Additionally, you can use these 3 trendy techniques to design your rigid boxes.

1.   Create Unique Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are the ideal approach to producing an eye-catching and original design for your company’s logo. In a crowded market, such packaging helps establish your company’s identity. Rigid boxes in various shapes and sizes, such as round ones, hexagonal tubes, pyramids, and even stackable ones, are all common choices. To make your products stand out, consider using cardboard or foam inserts. In comparison to other materials, rigid box packaging is more flexible, allowing you to create a wide variety of shapes such as:

  • Hexagonal-shaped rigid boxes are all the rage right now. A wide range of products, including luxury goods like fragrances and cosmetics, are packaged in this material.
  • Stackable rigid packaging is the best option if you need to package many products in the same box. It has two stacking trays that can be used to separate various products. Whether you prefer a magnetic lid, a flip-top, or another opening method is entirely up to you. Because of its sturdy and long-lasting construction, it’s ideal for transportation.

2.   Customize your rigid boxes with eye-catching printing.

It’s not enough to make your product boxes solid and strong to promote sales. Custom Rigid Boxes must be aesthetically pleasing and inventive, as well. Only when your products are packaged in attractive, eye-catching rigid boxes will you see an increase in sales.

These boxes can be given a fashionable appearance through UV printing, aqueous coating, embossing, and graphic design. Use colorful and eye-catching colors to entice customers to buy your rigid product packaging. As a rule of thumb, bright colors entice clients more rapidly than dull or grey ones. It’s a unique technique to keep your products safe by making these boxes with a die-cut window.

Open packing boxes allow customers to touch and tamper with the things within. This issue can be prevented by using rigid boxes with a window. This window makes it simple for customers to see the densely packed content. As a result, your products will be safe from human interference and tampering.

3.   Focus on the Customer’s Needs

Customers are critical to the success of your business. As a result, when developing growth strategies for your company, you must keep your client’s needs and desires in mind. When it comes to packaging, you must think of creative ways to leave a lasting impression on your customers. You might make use of the design of your crates for this reason. Products can be more easily arranged in the boxes if inserts and placeholders are used.

They can enhance the look and feel of a product while also increasing its safety and security. The product’s shape and size determine the insert’s shape and size. As a result, the goods will be held safely and securely, preventing any harm. In addition, you may want to think about using interior printing to wow your clients. It’s essential to keep this in mind when developing these custom boxes. These excellent design options allow you to create a stunning look for your rigid luxury boxes. It is the most efficient way to bring your ideas to life as a real packaging option. They not only boost the level of security for your products, but they also make them the focus of everyone’s attention.