For Financial Savings And Comfort Of Mind, Activate Chargepoint Home Flex

Because you want to charge your EV more quickly at home, you’re interested in Chargepoint Home Flex, but you’re not yet acquainted with all of its smart features. You’re in luck since this page explains how to link ChargePoint Home to WiFi and explains the numerous benefits of doing so. It also provides instructions. After you’re done, you’ll be billed in a whole different method while paying less to accomplish it.

Why You Should Turn on Your Home

You won’t benefit from WiFi’s full range of advantages if your charger isn’t linked to it. Yes, Chargepoint Home Flex continues to be compact, slender, and attractive. It can extend your EV’s range by up to 37 miles per hour, and it looks nice installed in your garage or anywhere else (compared with about 4 from a regular outlet). But when you activate Flex’s numerous intelligent capabilities, including reminders, scheduled charging, linking with Alexa, and monitoring all of your energy consumption in one spot, it shines.

With Reminders And Remote Start, Charging Will Be A Breeze

The worst scenario for any EV owner is to wake up in the morning and realize they haven’t plugged in since the previous night. D?oh! However, as soon as Flex is activated, charging is no longer a need. You’ll get a nudge from home to start charging your vehicle and plug it in. So, if you’re plugged in, you may start a charge conveniently from the comfort of your sofa without stopping your Netflix program.

With Regards To Chargepoint Savings

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At Home, You Can Refuel For Less Money

Occasionally, people express concern about the cost of EV charging. Although electricity is often less expensive than gas, charging expenses may mount if you do so during periods of high demand when your local utility plan imposes higher charges. By allowing you to plan your EV charging at the proper time of day, Chargepoint Home Flex gets around that problem and helps you save even more money (or, most likely, night).

Flex is wired, so you don’t even need to tell it when to charge. The optimal time is determined by Flex, who then requests your confirmation. Depending on your rate plan, scheduled billing might save you $250?300 a year. After scheduling your charge, all you have to do is plug in when you arrive home, and Flex will begin charging at the time when rates are the lowest. You can depend on Flex to completely charge your EV for an entire night, and you can monitor all of your charging activities and cost savings on the app.

Observe Historical Relics

Speaking of savings, Chargepoint Home Flex’s ability to see all of your charging behaviour, including both public and home charging, in one location is one of its major advantages. The app shows you how much energy you are generating, how much money you are saving, and how far you are going. It’s important to be able to see all of your charging activities in one location since ChargePoint is a major EV charging network and you presumably charge at some of our stations in public.

In addition, we provide you with a monthly email summary of home and public charges that include a section on your environmental effect, displaying the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the planting of trees. A quick method to see how driving an electric vehicle affects the world is to read the summary.

Activating Chargepoint Home Flex

Have we persuaded you yet that using WiFi is necessary to get the most out of Chargepoint Home Flex? Great. The fact that turning on your home charger is so easy is the greatest news of all. To enable Flex, follow these simple instructions on the ChargePoint mobile app:

? Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth and WiFi. To make sure you can connect, stay near to your home.

? Launch the ChargePoint mobile app. Click “Home Charger” in the top menu.

? Click “Set Up Home Charger” on the home Charger screen.

? After choosing “Activate,” proceed as directed by the program.

There you go! As previously mentioned, after activating Home, you can schedule charging, begin sessions remotely, set reminders so you never forget to Chargepoint Home Flex, and manage all of your charges in one location. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to remotely update your station’s software so that you always have the newest features. Also included is a single, svelte bundle that houses all of those capabilities.

You’ve already started down the road to EV charging independence since it is generally advisable to decide which EV Chargepoint Home Flex you want before getting in touch with an electrician for the NEMA 14-50 installation!

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For your Level 2 charging installation at home as well as other projects, WattLogic can assist you in finding a qualified and licensed electrician. Another EV charging firm is WattLogic. We pledge to assist you in selecting the best home EV charger in addition to taking care of every other aspect of the process, including researching and securing the installation permits you need, sending a certified and licensed electrician to install the EV charging station at your home, and even submitting rebate applications on your behalf.

Our top recommendation for EV drivers who live in their own homes is Wallbox. For their outstanding Chargepoint Home Flex to be available in your house, WattLogic and Wallbox have teamed up. In addition, you won’t find a better value anywhere else on the two separate Wallbox models (40 amp and 48 amp) than the one we are now giving.

Bottom Line

Anywhere in the United States, no matter which homes EV Chargepoint Home Flex you choose, we will support you. To complete a brief, cost-free online survey, all it takes is 5 minutes. To save you the stress of having to shop around and decide which electricians to contact, we will obtain the best price from electricians in your region.

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