What is CSC Center and How to Apply for its Franchise?

The government has always helped the people of the country and after the pandemic, it became very difficult for people to apply for various schemes as the registration for different government schemes and services became online and many found themselves unable to use the internet and the online services to apply for the same. To ease the worries of the people and help them, the government launched the Digital Seva Kendra which focused on helping people and ensuring that they can apply for the schemes that they qualify for and repeating the benefits the government is providing them. Here in this guide, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about CSC Jan Seva Kendra and how you can open a franchise of the same to help people.?

The Registration for CSC Digital Seva

CSC stands for the common service center or Jan Seva Kendra in Hindi and with the help of this service center, people across the country can apply for any scheme and government policy so that they can take advantage of same. Also, if you are a citizen of the country then, you can very easily open a CSC Digital Seva Kendra by registering yourself on the website. So, if you are interested in opening a CS Digital Seva then, you need to follow all the steps that we are giving here carefully.?

The minimum educational qualification that you need to have before you apply for opening a CSC is class 10th. The registration process is online so that people can easily register for a Jan Seva Kendra and they do not have to waste their time and money by traveling here and there. After you have successfully applied for the center, you will be provided with a CSC ID that will help you to log into the CSC portal and after that, you can help other people with their government work and queries.?

Key Highlights of CSC Digital Seva Kendra

The initiative is a very good initiative and has been launched by the Indian Government so that people can help other people with the queries that they have. The beneficiaries of this scheme are the people of the country and the main objective of the government is to provide different kinds of online services to people across the country. The official website for the portal of CSC Jan Seva Kendra is https://jandigitalkendra.com/service/csc-jan-seva-kendra/ and you can easily use the website to apply for a franchise of the Jan Seva Kendra.?

What are the services offered by CSC Digital Seva Kendra

There are different government and non-government services that the website provides and you can use the website for all these different services that we are going to mention here. We are only going to mention a handful of them. 

  • Insurance Services
  • Passport
  • LIC
  • SBI
  • Pension Services
  • Banking
  • Basic Services
  • Election
  • Electric Bill Payment
  • Railway Ticket
  • Caste Certificate
  • Residence Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • CSC Centers

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