High-quality business cards

Are you looking for high-quality business cards? If you want cards that make you stand out from the rest and offer your customers an unbeatable first impression, take a look at our catalog of business cards.

Luxury finishes of the highest quality will ensure that your cards never go unnoticed by anyone.

If you want to stand out from the rest, capture the attention of your potential clients from the first moment, and make sure that they keep your High-End Business Cards Vienna, VA, we have what you are looking for.

Our catalog of high-quality business cards

Highest quality finishes for your business cards

If what you want is to stand out and make your potential clients fall in love, at Colorprinter we offer you a range of luxury finishes that will undoubtedly make your calendar stand out from all the others and that will make your brand remain etched in the minds of whoever sees your high-quality business cards

Selective varnishing: This type of finish consists of applying a gloss varnish to certain of the most important parts of a product that we want to highlight, such as the company logo, or contact information. The result is a much more visually appealing calendar that will not go unnoticed by anyone.

3D varnishing: Like the previous finish, this time a special ink with a relief effect is used to highlight those areas of our calendar that we want to stand out. The relief can also be perceived by touch, so this finish adds not only a powerful visual appeal but also to the touch.

Metallic silver and gold inks: If you want to achieve a luxurious finish, that makes an excellent first impression, gold and silver inks are perfect for you. They are a type of special ink, with metallic pigments, which are applied to the parts of our product that we are interested in highlighting. In addition, like 3D varnishing, they have relief.

Softouch or silk-like laminate: This laminate is a luxury finish that offers an unbeatable tactile experience. Stouch is a matt-type laminate that feels similar to silk or velvet to the touch.

What materials do we use to make our quality business cards?

To make quality personal cards there is a wide variety of materials with which we can work. Depending on the finish you want and the budget you manage, you can choose between:

  • graphic card
  • Glossy or matt coated
  • Materica Clay, Plaster, or Earth
  • White or honed offset
  • Chromolux
  • Ivory watercolor
  • Biancoflash Premium
  • Constellation Snow o Constellation Jade

As you can see, the proposals are very varied, and you can still achieve much better results when you request some type of finish. Remember that to give your cards a more personalized look, you must consult your pocket and your needs.

You can ask for rounded corners or with the traditional straight cut, you can request that we make it die-cut, that we make it laminated on one or both sides (either glossy or matte), and even if you want to choose if you want that laminate to be soft-touch or anti-scratch We’ll leave your premium business cards just the way you want them!

We recommend our PRO cards for your business cards.

Do you want to add an extra touch of class?

If you want to make the best possible impression with your high-quality business cards, you can add a personalized card holder, which will add a touch of distinction and unbeatable professionalism.

business card size

Business cards are usually made small so they can be carried in your wallet or pocket, you don’t need them to be that big, but they do need to stand out at a glance. Almost always, the standard measurement that is handled is 8.5 cm x 5.5 cm, or failing that, 9 cm x 5 cm.

Make it practical! Add the most important information and distribute it very well, in a small box you can give all your contact channels and personal and professional information. The most important thing is that you leave your mark and disseminate your service.

As you can see, part of a hairdresser’s prestige lies in how he presents himself, therefore, cards are essential to make yourself known. Trust us to achieve creative and excellent quality business cards.

Why choose Colorprinter for printing your high-quality print jobs?

At Colorprinter we go beyond printing your quality business cards, we want you to obtain the maximum result with your printing products, help you achieve your business objectives, differentiate your brand and attract a greater number of potential customers.

We put our team of advisors at your disposal, who will help you throughout the printing process of your business cards, so that you get the best possible result.

Our advice and involvement in our clients’ projects is what distinguishes Colorprinter from other printers and the reason why our clients stay.

In addition, in all our printing products, we offer high-quality printing, materials, and finishing, so that you can offer your clients a more professional image, of a company that cares about small details.

If you are one of those people who does not settle for anything and wants your business to make a difference, contact us.