Hacks To Make Affordable British Airways Bookings

It’s been said that only those who fly on a regular business basis get to enjoy extra benefits on bookings. But, other than being a regular business flyer, there are plenty of ways that many people are unaware of. In this article, you’ll learn about various hacks to get cheap BA flights, well cheaper than the standard fare, and will help you get a British Airways flight ticket for less!

So, let’s dive into this article and briefly learn about the airline and then those amazing ticket-booking hacks.

Brief Intro About The Airline

Based in London, UK, this airline has been offering luxurious air travel experiences for over 100 years. The airline believes in “BA Better World”. It works on the motto – “Connecting Britain with the world and the world with Britain.” Headquartered at the Waterside, Harmondsworth, it is the second largest carrier, based on fleet size and passengers carried. The airline has a solid fleet of size 278 aircraft. Moreover, the airline is a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance. It flies to over 183 destinations globally. The airline has such a flexible British Airways refund and cancellation policy that travelers can make their bookings without getting stressed out much. 

Now, let’s get to know about the hacks.


You will get to know, when to and when not to make bookings to grab tickets at reasonable prices. If you are flexible with the flying dates, there are more chances of getting your bookings done at much cheaper rates than the standard ones. Here are some hacks that work 99% of the time.

Hack No. 1: Pay attention to the BA Sales


Yes, you’ve read that right. Sales are the times for getting things at cheaper rates. Clothes, machinery, shoes, and so much more, we all shop for so many things at the peak sale times, so why not utilize the ticket sales? The most apparent hack to get cheap BA flight tickets is to purchase them during one of the popular BA sales! The BA ticket sale thing happens a few times every year. Keep looking through holiday brochures or online travel sites and think about your next sunshine holiday. However, the holiday season is the peak season for flying, not the cheapest time to fly. And, If you wait for BA to announce their sales, you will likely find a bargain. Therefore, the best way to stay on top of the BA sales is to keep visiting The Points Insider website, where you will find information on all the sales. Joining the BA newsletter is also recommended. Thus, you can become a free BA Executive account member.

Hack No. 2: Collect Avios

The other amazing hack to grab the cheapest BA flight fares is to collect Avios. It is the air miles program. When you open a free BA Executive Club account, you are provided with your own individual BA Executive account number. Once you get that, you’re all set to start collecting Avios!  Avios aren’t collected only when you fly. But, also, you can collect Avios in so many ways. Online shopping, grocery shopping, hotel bookings, vehicle petrol refilling, and lots more. The smarter you spend, the faster your Avios grows. Thus, no matter where you travel, you can grab affordable tickets anywhere, such as for Los Angeles to Honolulu flights and any of your favorite destinations.

Hack No. 3: Make bookings as advanced as possible

You must have noticed that fares start rising as fast as the departure date arrives closer. It doesn’t happen by accident. It happens every time across all the airlines. Therefore, making your bookings for flights as far in advance as possible is smart. It’s stupid to make bookings at the last minute as the tickets come out to be the most expensive. It’s good to make bookings at least 2 months in advance. 

Hack No. 4: Fly at non-popular times

Ticket prices are most expensive during the peak travel season. Technically the cheapest during off-peak travel seasons. This depends on your destination as opposed to where you fly from. For example, the peak season in the UK is the summer months of July and August. This is true, but if you book a flight to Sydney, Australia, you’ll often find the most expensive flights are in January. This is because Australia’s summer (peak season) is our winter. If you can fly off-peak, you stand a much better chance of getting a cheaper BA flight!