Do You Think of Yourself as a Blockster? You almost certainly are if you are investing in crypto.

The crypto space is experiencing its best bull run in history, emphasizing cryptocurrencies and blockchain than ever before. Despite this, many crypto projects struggle to reach their intended audience. Although the blanket ban on all cryptocurrency advertising imposed by tech companies such as Facebook and Google in 2018 has been lifted, getting heard remains difficult.

There is a growing demand for a cryptocurrency-specific social network, complete with news and features tailored to their specific needs in such an environment. That platform is Blockster. Blockster is currently in closed beta testing and is designed to connect content creators and audiences. It has a simple interface and built-in features like a news feed with the most recent crypto and blockchain news, a live chat function, and a crypto market tracking feature.

What Is Blockster, Exactly?

Blockster is a social media platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts that serve as a one-stop-shop. It is a central location for blockchain entrepreneurs to connect, create, learn, and earn. Rather than jumping from one platform to another to connect with other crypto community members, please find the most recent blockchain and crypto news and check live pricing on it’s all consolidated.

If you already invest and trade in digital assets, or if you want to get started, Blockster is an excellent place for both veterans and newcomers.

BXR, the native coin of Blockster ? What is it exactly, and what does it do?

Blockster, a social media network and news platform for crypto enthusiasts, will soon add a native coin to its offering. The Blockster token (BXR) will be created on the Ethereum blockchain and used for all advertising and commerce on the platform, including the purchase of NFTs and games. BXR tokens can also be staked to generate revenue.

The BXR token sale will be divided into six phases. The first will begin on June 7 on Blockfunder, the Digitex IEO token launch platform, with a supply of 1 million BXR. Ten million BXR tokens will be sold over six phases out of a total circulation of 100 million tokens.

As Blockster’s user base expands, so will demand from advertisers, marketplace participants, and stakeholders, as well as the value of BXR. Blockster will burn 5% of all BXR spent on advertising every month, increasing its value even further. As a result, BXR is an excellent investment opportunity.

Farming for profit will also be an option. Following the BXR public sale, 3 million BXR will be allocated to Blockfarm, a Digitex yield farming program. For the next 12 months, these BXR tokens will be distributed to DGTX (Digitex’s native token) holders at a monthly rate of 250,000 BXR.

Tipping will be another application for the BXR token. If users like a piece of content and want to support the creator, they can tip in BXR tokens, which work similarly to an up-vote but in monetary form. This also encourages the platform’s users to create high-quality, helpful content.

P2P sharing of BXR tokens is also possible and free on Blockster, as is community governance. BXR token holders will vote on critical elements of the Blockster ecosystem, such as new platform features, giving users more power.

Blockster Meets the Increasing Demand for a crypto Social Network

Since Bitcoin’s inception, various communities have sprung up on various platforms to meet various needs. Although social platforms like Twitter and Telegram have a sizable crypto following, users who want to check live market prices must visit a site like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko. Many members of the cryptocurrency community prefer to discuss their thoughts on Reddit. They will most likely go to YouTube to watch a crypto video guide. Users of Blockster will be able to connect, network, debate, share information, learn, and trade all in one place, eliminating the need to switch between websites.

Because Blocker unifies a fragmented landscape, established crypto and blockchain companies and new projects can reach a larger and more targeted audience at the same time. Blockster aspires to be the most popular social media platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts and the primary gateway into the burgeoning cryptocurrency space.

The social network features of Blockster

Over 400,000 users have applied for access to the test net, and it will also allow crypto companies to advertise in the future without the constraints of popular social networks.

The primary features of this new platform will be the Blockdesk, Blockchain, and Blockwatch.

The Blockdesk is a blockchain-focused internal newspaper written by over 50 blockchain journalists.

Blockchain is a video streaming and messaging app.

Finally, Blockwatch is a real-time cryptocurrency market data aggregator powered by Chainlink’s decentralized price oracle.


Blockster Holdings (BH), based in Gibraltar, raised $1.9 million in 2020 from a group of investors from the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates for a total valuation of around $25 million.

It is currently preparing for a new Series A funding round, led by Pimlico Partners, a global investment bank based in Dubai.

During the token sale, the company expects to sell approximately 20% of its 100 million BXR tokens at a price between $1 and $2. BXR is the platform’s utility token, and it will be used to pay for all internal transactions such as advertising space purchases and trades.

Following the completion of the token sale, a new evaluation of the company’s overall value will be made.

This is set to take place in September 2021, and more details will be released soon.

Investors in social media and cryptocurrencies

At the moment, cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts primarily communicate publicly on Twitter and privately on Telegram. However, neither of these platforms can be considered an actual crypto social network.

Furthermore, despite market demand, advertising for crypto businesses on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube is limited, if not outright prohibited. As a result, depending on the size of the community and the rate of user interaction, Blockster has enormous market potential, at least in theory. Read here for mor information

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