Top Highest Paying Careers Options in Hotel Management Industry

Various facets of running a hotel or hospitality business, including sales and marketing, food and beverage, front desk, bookkeeping, food production, housekeeping, and several kitchen skills, will be covered in a hotel management course. In India, private institutions offer degree and certificate programs in hotel administration, which has grown to be a popular and lucrative field of study.

From restaurants and bars to resorts and lodges, careers in hospitality provide the chance to work in a fun, happy environment. Furthermore, professions in the hospitality industry sometimes do not need applicants to possess conventional degrees and might provide the highest paying work possibilities.

Best hotel management colleges in Pune

Pune is home to some of the best hotel management colleges where students can take courses in various subject areas. Numerous prestigious hotel management colleges, including Lexicon IHM, the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), the Indian Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), the Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management (HM), the International School of Hospitality Management (ISHM), the NIPS School of Hotel Management, etc., are also located in the city.

For anyone seeking a career in hotel management, the following qualities and talents are essential:

  •  Superior communication abilities
  •  A pleasing demeanour
  •  Self-assurance and
  • Teamwork, multitasking abilities, strong listening abilities

Best Hotel Management Courses In Pune

Hotel management is one of the most well-known hospitality and travel industry specializations. Aspirants must work in housekeeping, culinary services/kitchen, front desk, bar and restaurant, sales, and marketing.

The best colleges offering Hotel management course in Pune is where prospective students can study hotel management at the undergraduate or graduate levels. In addition, candidates for a Hotel Management program can choose among degree, certificate, and diploma programs.

Lexicon IIHM – Is it a Good Choice for Hotel Management?

A private college in Pune is called the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management. The institution offers a bachelor’s degree program in hotel management with concentrations in food and beverage service, culinary/food production, baking, housekeeping, front desk, sales and marketing, event management, revenue management, digital marketing, conflict resolution, and stakeholder management. Each division receives a total of 60 intakes for a batch. The Lexicon IHM provides programs with partnerships abroad to help students gain work experience and placements.

The institute has created a program that emphasizes developing professionals from day one. Events like Tad, Conclaves, Seminars, Workshops, Golf Tournaments, Food Festivals, and Networking Sessions provide 360-degree growth. Excellent industry connections may be found at the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management.

What are the Placement Trends in these Management Colleges?

Candidates can opt to work in several job profiles after finishing a study in hotel management, based on their interests and areas of specialization, including:

  • Restaurant & Food Service Manager
  •  Housekeeping Manager Banquet Manager
  •  Food & Beverage Manager
  •  Front Office Manager Chef Steward

What are the highest-paid positions in Hotel Management?

Depending on your interests in casinos, cruise ships, food, drink, hotels, or travel, as well as your eventual career destination and pay expectations, there are several alternative job opportunities in the hospitality sector.

The top 5 paying hospitality positions in India are shown below:

Food and Beverage Director

Salary range: Rs 48,000 ? Rs 102,000

Places that hire them:




            Cruise Ships

            Event planning companies

            Large institutions like schools and hospitals

Hotel Operations Manager

Salary range: Rs 52,000 ? Rs 114,000

Places that hire them:




Executive Chef:

Salary range: Rs 44,000 ? Rs 85,000

Places that hire them:


            Hotel kitchens

            Cruise ships.


            Any place that serves food.



Salary range: Rs 18,000 ? Rs 67,000

Places that hire them:

            Upscale Hotels



            Wine-tasting events

Flight Attendant

Salary range: Rs 26,000 ? Rs 62,000

Places that hire them:

  • Aeroplanes
  • Private planes.
  • Passenger planes.

A job in hotel management includes working directly with clients in eateries, resorts, gardens, and other similar places designed for leisure activities. Even though many hospitality jobs need a direct connection with consumers, there are still some alternative career options, including those in sales, marketing, and accounting.

Several different hotel management roles provide the possibility to earn more money and move to positions that are much more rewarding. Examining the wage range for each choice is helpful before choosing a job in the hospitality sector.

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