Beginner Painting Ideas That Are Simple

Incredible things can be found in the world of art. It’s almost like another world, something people go to when they’re feeling down or mellowed out. What was your most exciting artistic breakthrough instead? Now, we have something for you, even if you’re not very well-versed in the realm of fantasy, artwork, or similar gimmicks.

Don’t start with an paintings of angel or anything which seems difficult to draw. We’ve compiled a collection of simple subjects that even novice painters can master. Like me, you probably tried to find something very similar.


The sky may be painted in a flash using just three colors: purple, pink, and white. Use Purple at the top and Pink at the bottom to make a gradation in your painting. Then, use White to illustrate the sky, moon, and stars.

The Art of Dot Painting

As the name implies, a new painting can be created with only dots. It doesn’t require much time or effort to put together. It’s also a wonderful addition to any room’s decor. You can now begin by using your preferred color(s) and a variety of dot sizes.


Despite their seeming complexity, cloudscapes provide excellent opportunities for novice artists to experiment with the interplay of light and dark. It’s common for the cloud’s outermost layers to be the brightest. A darker area will be at the cloud’s base. Paint the clouds you see outside or in photographs you find online, adjusting the hue, value, and shading for a variety of artistic effects.


One of the simpler subjects for new painters to tackle. To be safe, though, focus on the cactus shapes and the way the nighttime black blends with the other colors. Sunset gradients are beautiful, but blending is a crucial skill that needs to be mastered if you want your work to look professional.

Wall Art Canvas Quotes

The blank canvas of this type of project can be used in any way you see fit. Choose a meaningful quote to portray in your painting and then apply a beautiful ombre or rainbow effect to the background. The colors should be blended so that there is no distinct boundary between them.

Street lamp

This easy painting of a street lamp is perfect for practicing the technique of making  artworks from the background to the foreground. To begin, make a background gradient out of purple and pink. Next, color in some sky. Street lamps should be painted black, and the light should be painted yellow.

Geometric Patterns

The goal of painting is to create an image with as much depth as the ocean by combining various patterns and shapes. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to ignore that level of complexity and concentrate on experimenting with various geometric designs.