Bangles as best artificial jewellery piece: Glass bangles Vs metallic bangles

Artificial jewellery and bangles are a must with Indian outfits, especially at weddings. Every culture has specific clothing and accessories that have significant meaning, whether it is social, religious, or both. In western societies, the ring is a significant piece of ethnic jewellery set that becomes even more significant at weddings both in India and in foreign countries in Indian tradition. The same is with the bangle, particularly the glass bangle, which is a lucky ornament.

Although they are worn in a different way than women, bangles have been a part of Indian culture since the dawn of time. The bangle is regarded as a symbol of fertility and well health, making them particularly important for married ladies or those who are engaged to be married.

Why bangles are an important part of bridal jewellery: Buy artificial jewellery online

Bangles are seen as an essential component of bridal attire in many parts of India, and brides are expected to wear them for months or even years.

The honeymoon phase for the pair comes to an end with the breaking of the final bangle. The designs of bangles are so exquisite and diverse, nonetheless, that they have transcended this potent yet constrained cultural appeal. They are now acknowledged as a lovely Indian item that goes well with many different Indian clothes and may even be used with western or Indo-Western appearances. So, for artificial jewellery and bangles, you must do online shopping because prices are reasonable and you will get a wide variety. 

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Difference between artificial jewellery of Bangles: Glass and metallic 

1.Glass bangles: A great paired with artificial jewellery in Kundan, Polki or peral 

Although they are essentially a sub-category of the larger category of bangles, women’s bangles are distinct from the overall concept of bangles. In contrast to the flexible bracelet “chain,” the bangle is a stiff cylinder. The shape of a glass bangle can either be a rigid cylinder without a break that is available in several sizes to make it simple to put on and off, or it can be divided using a clasp.

One of the most beautiful bangle varieties in India is made of glass. These are created by glass artisans using a variety of cutting-edge processes that give them a delicate, lovely appearance. Glass bangles, like other glass jewellery, have the small drawback of being brittle and simple to break. Because of this, acrylic bangles are becoming more popular. Because they are durable and not brittle.

However, the sort of glass combination used can help to some extent reduce this. Different glass compositions will have varying degrees of stiffness, which will affect how fragile the bangle is. Glass combinations with less rigidity are more expensive because they have more flex, which makes them stronger and more fracture-resistant.

The range of glass bangle alternatives is quite astounding. The transparent glass bangles are clean and simple and available in a spectrum of hues, with blue, yellow, and green being the most popular options. Additionally, there are thicker, more opaque glass bangles with swirling designs in various colors.

2.Metal bangles: Those who love to shine more and simplicity look

Simple metallic accents are used in the patterns of these glass bangles at the clasp or at either end of the cylinder. In addition to these plain bangles, there are several glass bangle designs that have ornate ornamentation. This comprises precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds, pearls, beads, and even bells, as well as filigree made of gold or silver.

These can be shaped on and around the glass set to give the accessory a bit of intricate flair. As a result, there are several bangle design options. The cost of them varies according to the type of glass mixture and embellishments used; basic bangles are usually less expensive, while those created from more expensive mixtures and with more pricey additions will cost more.

Glass bangles were traditionally available in bulk from reliable vendors in bazaars and fairs. Glass bangles, however, are widely available today because they become an essential component of Indian design than metallic ones. 

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