6 Common LinkedIn Profile Picture Mistakes to Avoid

If you are looking for a new job, one of the first steps will be to update your LinkedIn profile picture.

In a recent survey, over 85% of job seekers and recruiters said they use LinkedIn to find and assess job seekers. So, an unprofessional image at the top of your profile can easily distract you from your next big job.

Profile pictures play a major factor in deciding job opportunities. The reason why, people hire professional LinkedIn photographers to take their pictures.

Here are a few LinkedIn profile photo mistake that you should avoid.

Your Photos no Longer Look Like Yours

Typically, profile pictures should be updated every two years. You may not have noticed the big difference in appearance over the past few years, but our bodies and faces are constantly changing. If your weight, hairstyle, or industry has changed a lot, you may need to adjust the image a few times.

If you are keeping an old photo of yourself HR managers you meet in real life or via video chat may be baffled. They don’t want to be cheated on by someone who looks completely different than what they are doing online.

Wrong Clothes

It is generally a good idea to dress up for your photos.

There are some tips you can use to make sure you look smart in a headshot. Usually, we recommend dressing up formally for your LinkedIn photograph.

Unprofessional Backdrop

Like clothing, industry must determine the backdrop of your headshot. You can choose the exterior, the studio or the office.

Studio: Solid studio wallpapers are the best and clearest choice for shooting. Studio shooting sessions are also the most convenient for users as they don’t have to worry about wind / weather interference in photos.

Outdoors: Outdoors is a great option if you want to look friendly in your profile picture, or if your job is focused on the outdoors. A good photographer will get recommendations for places with “urban”, “nature” and “cultural” vibes.

In the Office: If you have a nice desktop to use, you can use it as a background for your photos!

You Take Photos with a Cell Phone

Don’t use your iPhone to bring your face to the employers. Cell phone cameras have been around for a long time. However, they are not even near to the performance of professional cameras and lenses.

In addition to poor image quality, most cell phone cameras use ultra-wide-angle lenses that are unflattering. The difference between a good camera and a cell phone is obvious to anyone looking at photos.

Your Current Image is too stiff

You don’t have to look stupid to be an expert. While there are some exceptions to this (executives and lawyers should appear strict and strong in their images), a very stiff LinkedIn profile photo can seem uncomfortable. You want to look professional, capable, and confident in your profile picture.

No Edit or Airbrush

In real life, most people will find that they don’t have perfect white teeth, or have bags under their eyes, or matted hair. Most people won?t go too far to notice the small imperfections. But in high resolution, yellow teeth, acne, and flowing hair looks extremely distracting. A good headshot should have a subtle but good edit that removes the points of distractions mentioned above. These are the most common LinkedIn profile photo mistakes that you must avoid at all costs. To get a great headshot you can always connect with professional LinkedIn photographers.