5 Best Instagram Feeds On Websites

Due to its many advantages, businesses have become well-known for the marketing trend of embedding Instagram feeds on their websites.

The advent of social media platforms drastically revolutionized marketing strategies and allowed brands and enterprises a platform to spread the word about their initiatives. In the past, marketers utilized various conventional tactics to sell and advertise their goods or services.

Instagram has emerged as the most well-liked and widely utilized social networking platform worldwide. Everyone enjoys the platform, especially businesses who use it to incorporate their Instagram feed on the website, which has more than 500 million daily active visitors.

But while choosing the most suitable and relevant Instagram feeds, brands frequently become perplexed.

The top Instagram feed examples for websites are provided at the end of the blog, which you should read in full of learning how to add instagram on website effective and productive.

Best Examples To Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website 

  1. UGC Feeds

UGC stands for User-Generated Content and it is by far the most influential and result driven form of content present online.  It can be widely found on social media platforms such as Instagram as embedding the content helps brands and users to build a social proof of the brand. 

Moreover, according to researches, a whooping number of more than 80% of shopper leverage UGC in their shopping journey to make better purchase decisions. Instagram is a pool of User-Generated Content and embedding such feeds on the website can help you grow your brand effortlessly. 

  1. Hashtag Feeds 

We’re certain you’ll agree that an Instagram post would be incomplete without a hashtag. Have you ever questioned why there are typically three to four hashtags on every post on the platform?

Since they help to categorise content and make postings more visible, hashtags are very useful in this regard.

One of the best strategies for raising visitor engagement and boosting sales is to incorporate Instagram hashtag feeds into the website. Additionally, as they are primarily User-Generated, hashtag feeds on websites help to establish social proof for your business.

Using an Instagram aggregator, you can effectively pull up the content using the specific hashtag and share it with your followers if you’ve already run a successful hashtag campaign.

  1. Carousel Feeds 

Website visitors will pay greater attention to this concept of an Instagram feed. You can display multiple products simultaneously on your website by using a carousel, which will garner visitors’ interest as they swipe to see more.

You may use a carousel to convey the tale of your brand and encourage the audience to slide to keep reading, which will ultimately boost the dwell duration of your customers because of their longer stays.

Given that one carousel can contain up to ten images or videos, you can emphasise various product features and advertise them more effectively. 

  1. Instagram Mentions Feeds 

Mention feed is a term that describes information in which users have referenced your brand in Instagram posts or in which you have mentioned a brand while pushing a product.

Simply put, if you run a clothing company with a sizable following and consumers who wear your products and mention you in their Instagram posts, this is a terrific way to gather user-generated content for your brand’s social proof.

Since they are more inclined to trust your previous customers than the content, your future consumers will be confident in the quality of your clothing and be much more likely to make a buy.

  1. Sidebar Widgets 

Displaying the feed as a sidebar on each side of your website is another effective and advantageous way to integrate an Instagram feed into a WordPress website or any other type of website.

This will allow you to add your feed to every page of your website and is significantly less time-consuming and more effective.

The feed will reach a bigger audience and generate more interaction from visitors because it will be visible on every page of your website.

To further engage the attention of your website visitors and encourage them to purchase your products, you can use the sidebar feeds to include any ongoing sale, a special discount, or other promotional content.

Key Takeaways 

Your customers can actively talk about your brand on Instagram in a variety of ways. Making use of the content on your website is a fantastic way to improve user engagement, brand presence, and visibility, and ultimately, to attract more sales.

What are you waiting for now that you’re aware of the importance of Instagram widget and its types that can help you increase your website?s traffic and overall engagement. Go on now, choose your type and increase the effectiveness of your website?s content.?