Why shopping on Amazon as an Arab is a different experience

Shopping online isn?t just about the products available, it?s also about the experience. While there are many good experiences to be had on Amazon, some aren?t so great ? when it comes to Middle Eastern shoppers. Here?s why shopping on Amazon as an Arab is different and the ways this can be improved upon by Amazon and others.

Buying alcohol in general

When I want to buy alcohol, I use ???? ???????. It’s the only place that allows me to see prices in Dirhams, and I can order alcohol from my home and have it delivered right to my door. This way, it’s never been easier for me to enjoy some of my favorite drinks while living in Dubai. The easiest part about using ???? ??????? is the fact that you can actually find just about anything you need in one place!

And when I do make orders from abroad, they don’t charge any import taxes or fees.

I love that when I’m shopping with this website, they’re not trying to take advantage of me by overcharging or charging extra fees just because they know I’m not living there.

Alcoholic drinks

If you’re going to buy alcohol, try to purchase it locally. Liquor stores are more expensive than grocery stores, but they don’t have the shipping fees. Alcohol purchased through Amazon in this fashion also carries shipping fees. ???? ??????? and Shop in Arabic are two online shops that sell alcohol and other items that many Arab residents of the UAE can’t get delivered via normal means – like Al Mana Pure Chocolate or Roland Energizing Shakes.

Gift Cards shopping

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, ???? ??????? has it all. They offer popular gifts from all over the world, including European and American products. But they also have special sections with products from Middle Eastern countries like Egypt and Iraq. In addition to your standard gift cards, ???? ??????? also offers e-gift cards that you can send to someone’s email inbox or Facebook wall. Shop in Arabic makes it easy to shop online while supporting companies in the region!


There are many things to love about living in America, but there are also certain things that frustrate me. One of these frustrations is the lack of Arabic-language products and Arabic-speaking customer service. I want to be able to shop in Arabic, and when I call customer service, I want them to speak my language too!

This would be helpful for other Arabs who live in America. Sometimes we don?t know if a product is halal or not, because we don?t know the names of some ingredients. It would be great to have someone at customer service who speaks our language so they can answer our questions and make us feel more comfortable with what we?re buying. You might ask why this should matter to non-Arabic speakers, and I think it’s really easy to forget how difficult it is to navigate a grocery store when you’re unable to read anything on labels or menus.

We’re accustomed to being able to look up words in English; but now we need those words translated into Arabic–a completely different alphabet!–and then translated back again into English, which takes time and effort.